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There is still a high degree of confidence in the UK property market – according to a recent survey of commercial property lenders. Link Asset Services saw lenders report back that they expect to do more business in the next year, rather than less.

With Brexit dominating the headlines, you could be forgiven for thinking that lenders would sit on their hands and ride out the storm before making spending decisions. It is a positive sign of the strength of the UK property market that this isn’t happening. Don’t expect things to change in the run up to leaving the EU, either. The fact that investors still want a return, whether from residential or commercial property, will fuel an already healthy market.

A Strong Set Of Figures

The report actually shows that only 2% of lenders expect to see a fall in volume over the next 12 months. It looks as though a changing economic and political climate is just par for the course at the moment. Lenders can plan ahead and make contingencies, but the one thing they can’t do is sit still and wait for things to happen.

The Head of Real Estate Finance for Link Asset Services stated “The story is one of lenders learning to live with political uncertainty and adapting lending practices accordingly. In addition, this year lenders want to do relatively more lending in commercial sectors.”

The Effect On The Wider Market

And this bodes well for the whole of the UK property market. There is analysis everywhere about what might happen to the UK property market over the next few years, and inevitably Brexit is the word on the lips of most.

The data in the Link Asset Services survey is direct from the people that are working in the industry day in, day out. And these are the people that make decisions on whether to build new houses, flats and other buildings. If they see positive signs, then I think we should all raise a smile.

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