Commencing at 9pm on Tuesday 2nd July covering the final hours before the UK casts its vote in the General Election, Charlie Lamdin will be hosting a 50-hour live stream to debate the best way to vote in this years’ general election IF HOUSING IS YOUR PRIORITY.

Blog setting out the position: 

With eminent guests already lined up to take part, Charlie is inviting the public to join in and debate each of the party’s policies on housing, which are workable and how our vote can deliver the best outcome for improving a currently dysfunctional and disappointing housing market. 

The event will offer and encourage everyone in the UK to review their political alignment and be more objective about how they assess each party’s manifestos to allow them to cast a vote that they feel comfortable with, as well as helping the vast numbers who are clearly baffled by which way to vote. 

“Like Question Time on steroids with no filter”

Speaking about the event, Charlie Lamdin said: “My intention is for this livestream to be like Question Time on steroids, and no filter.  It will give everyone the chance to listen, have their say and get answers they need to crystalize their voting decision.   

This debate is for everyone who is feeling politically homeless but to still have an effective vote, as well as to challenge anyone who has already decided upon a side, to be sure that they are voting effectively for what is important to them when it comes to housing.”   

Guest speakers will appear throughout the debate ranging from industry leaders to journalists, politicians to the public, and everyone in between. The debate will have a fluid agenda which will be updated at as the event progresses.  

Why is Housing so important?  

As Charlie sees it:

  • Fixing housing fixes the economy
  • Fixing the economy without first fixing housing worsens the affordability crisis
  • Vote to Fix housing first

So – Join the live debate on who will fix housing first

Charlie is inviting everyone interested in housing to join in and help spread the word about the live debate to encourage as many people as possible to participate.  

This is our chance, once every few years, to decide if we want change or not.  If you care about housing, please vote extremely carefully,” concludes Charlie.  

To find out more about about the motivation behind the event, follow and to join the debate, visit