The north and Midlands may not have the buzz and seemingly unending prospects for price appreciation that London and the south east has, but these regions are cheaper to invest in, have strong rental demand, and still offer good potential for gains.

Here are nine Property Insider reports you might find useful if you want to know more about investing in property in the Midlands and north:

First to Birmingham, although often regarded as the UK’s second city, Birmingham is number one when it comes to its strategic position to take advantage of the economic recovery. Here’s a briefing about investing there:

13 Things To Know Before You Invest In Birmingham

In the East Midlands, the cities of Nottingham, Leicester and Derby are also worth considering. This report covers them:

Insider Briefing: Investing In The East Midlands

In our opinion, Manchester is well worthy of consideration by all property investors at the moment. As the capital of the proposed Northern Powerhouse the economy here seems to be on the move again, yet there’s still value to be had in the property market:

16 Good Reasons To Invest In Manchester

Further out, this report looks at property investment opportunities in the towns of the wider north west area:

Six Property Investment Opportunities in the North West

Now over to Leeds, another northern city which offers good prospects for economic growth over the next decade:

12 Things Property Investors Should Know About Leeds

Away from Leeds, the wider West Yorkshire area offers a number of ‘bargain basement’ property investment opportunities, with residential prices starting from less than £30,000. This report looks at the pros and cons of investing there:

Where To Invest In West Yorkshire

Over in North Yorkshire this report looks specifically at the City of York,

while this report examines the market in South Yorkshire, focussing on Sheffield.

Lastly, just in case you’re from another planet (like the south east for example!) here’s a general background briefing about investing ‘up north’:

The Alien’s Guide To Investing Up North