There are thousands of sites out there for property investors and professionals. These are just some of our favourites:

1. Zoopla. There’s been a big shake up in the property portal world this year so we’ve oooed and arrghed over this one. We still like Rightmove and OnTheMarket a lot but, overall, Zoopla is the one we like the best. Not just for the sales and lettings listings but for the insightful sale/rental price data and market stats in Zed-Index.

Website: Zoopla

2. Letting Focus by David Lawrenson. Down to earth, good old fashioned common sense on the UK buy to let business – even if it’s not always what you’d like to hear. Sometimes we have a sly giggle at David’s droll posts ….. then we release that what he’s saying is

Website: Letting Focus

3. Dealmakerz. The Home of UK Real Estate. This is a cleverly curated selection of daily news stories from the property world. Plus deeply-reported articles about the UK real estate industry you won’t find elsewhere.

Website: Dealmakerz

4. Property Investor News. Now, maybe Insider is just a teeny weeny bit biased here as we do, it has to be said, contribute to this site. But truly discerning private investors who want absolutely top drawer research and analysis on what to invest in and where need look no further than PIN.

Website: Property Investor News

5. The House Crowd. The House Crowd isn’t, like other crowdfunding sites, a place where you can lend, but one where you can invest, and in bite sized chunks. Crowdfunding is something that’s only going to get bigger in the wider business world and it’s hard to see there won’t be room for it in property too.

Website: The House Crowd

6. Auction House. One day, all property auction sites will be as user-friendly and easy to use as Auction House. It makes sniffing out potential good buys almost fun (should work ever be good fun?). And even when we’re not looking to buy, it’s great for snooping on some of the real houses of horror (ermm we mean opportunities) that go under the hammer too.

Website: Auction House

7. Crowd Compare. If you’re interested in investing in property through crowdfunding how do you find the right opportunity from amongst the many available? Here’s the solution: Crowd Compare presents property crowdfunding and P2P opportunities from across the market all together in one place to help you find the investments that match your criteria.

Website: Crowd Compare

What do you think? Do you agree with our recommendations …. or totally disagree with them? Drop us an email and let us know. Insider always loves to hear your feedback.

Do you run a property site? Insider never gets tired of running the rule over new property sites that investors and professionals might find useful. So if you run a property investment related site drop us an email and let us know. If we like what you’re doing and the way you’re doing it we’ll be glad to include your site in our next issue.

Happy Investing!

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