Property Insider’s 7 Most Useful Reports For Buy To Let Landlords
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Property Insider’s 7 Most Useful Reports For Buy To Let Landlords

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If you’re a buy to let landlord, or thinking about becoming one, you need all the help and advice you can get. At Property Insider, we regularly publish useful and invaluable reports designed to help buy to let landlords invest better and make more money.

Here are 7 reports we think you’ll find helpful in making your buy to let portfolio more successful:

Making money in buy to let involves many considerations. But one thing is fundamental …. demand.

Read why judging demand is essential for buy to let success here.

Location, location, location is a phrase often used by homebuyers as well as in the property business. But choosing the right location is essential when buying to let.

This report will reveal what the best investment locations are, and how to spot them.

Setting the correct rent is critical when putting any property on the letting market. You’ll want to choose a level of rent that, on the one hand, makes you a good return, yet which is attractive to prospective tenants and means the property will let readily.

This report looks at the thorny issue of assessing how much rent you should charge:

Getting the rent right: How to set the correct rent level for your property

Even at a competitive rent, what makes some properties lettable every day of the week …. while some remain empty (and losing money) for weeks or even months? At the end of the day it can be down to some very simple differences. These report looks at how to make (and keep) your property fully occupied, and how to minimise the dreaded void or empty periods, or even eliminate them altogether:

20 things that make a buy to let property more lettable

How to avoid voids: A guide for landlords and investors

Lastly but not least, one of the biggest attractions of buying to let is as a means of securing your financial future. But, like every successful investment, a buy to let investment needs an exit strategy. This report looks at why it’s important to have an exit strategy, and how to formulate one that will suit you:

Buy To Let Investment: What’s Your Exit Strategy?

PS. If you’re a buy to let newbie you might find this free starter guide helpful. It looks at the main steps you need to take to make your first property investment run smoothly and be the success you hope it will be:

Property Investment: A Guide For First Time Property Investors


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