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From lovingly restored period features to bright and open living spaces, prime Central London property specialist and managing director of Aldersley London, Edward Aldersley, reveals the most sought-after home features for his clients looking to buy in prime Central London.

Gardens and outdoor space

Throughout the pandemic, there has been increased demand both within prime Central London, and further afield across the UK, for homes with substantial outdoor space and gardens. Savills recently reported that domestic buyers and London-based international buyers have focused their attention on houses with outside space in a bid to upsize during the recent ‘race for space’.

According to Astons, the W1K postcode of Mayfair and St James’s is the greenest area of prime Central London, as an estimated 36.5% of the postcode area presents open outdoor spaces for high-end homebuyers.

Similarly, the areas of Knightsbridge and Belgravia offer considerable outdoor space to buyers, making these regions highly appealing too.

A ‘village’ feel

With more people than ever working from home, and many continuing to undertake flexible working arrangements for the foreseeable future, prime areas such as Holland Park, Hampstead Heath and Notting Hill which offer a more laidback ‘village’ feel, have become increasingly attractive with high-net-worth individuals (HNWI).

These affluent leafy neighbourhoods offer an improved quality of life for many, boasting gorgeous streets lined with spacious family townhouses, as well as high-end shopping and some of London’s top schools.

Period features

Steeped in rich historical charm with quintessentially English features, Central London’s prime period properties have always been popular for HNWIs, particularly those from overseas.

Savills recently predicted that London’s prime central property market is set to grow 21.5% over the next five years, because of a “huge pent-up demand from those who have been restricted by travel over the past year.” In particular, the recent easing of travel restrictions between the UK and UAE will result in an uplift from overseas buyers, many of whom are drawn to London’s timeless allure.  

Prime Central London is home to an array of iconic institutions and landmarks, with stunning architecture to match, making living within these desirable postcodes all the more appealing. From Victorian to Georgian, these properties offer a unique sense of character that can’t be replicated, and this is something that will always continue to attract both local and international buyers.

Many of our clients are interested in well-restored classic period features such as intricately designed cornices, decorative ceiling roses and high-quality original parquet floors that have stood the tests of time. High ceilings are also incredibly sought after, as they offer much more volume to a room. Clients love the idea of having something that is truly unique to them – that’s what makes their home fascinatingly different.

However, it’s vital to strike the balance between lovingly restored period features and modern touches, as clients are increasingly looking for homes with updated appliances and stylish, renovated rooms such as sleek marble bathrooms. These contemporary, high-spec requirements are just as important to my high-net-worth clients.

Light, bright spaces

Extended periods of time spent bound to the home during the last 18 months have encouraged buyers to consider their interiors more than ever. Demand for key features such as large windows and high ceilings have increased, as buyers seek bright, airy spaces which evoke a more relaxed and uplifting environment for them to eat, work and host loved ones.

A recent study by highlights how “the living areas which were once seen as cosy are now considered dark and claustrophobic, and people are wanting lighter and higher living spaces” as natural light remains a priority for buyers beyond the pandemic, as they consider the impact of their homes upon their mental and physical wellbeing during their search for the perfect property.

By Edward Aldersley

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