Recent data by Inside Airbnb reveals more than 91,000 active listings in London alone, a figure thirteen times higher than that of the Scottish capital city, Edinburgh (7,051). To unveil the crème de la crème of Airbnb аccomodations, the team at BestBrokers manually searched the website for the 20 most expensive offerings, ranking them based on their nightly rates, including all applicable fees and discounts.

We discovered that London not only dominates the list of the priciest Airbnbs in the UK with six properties among the top 20, but also boasts the most expensive offering across the nation. This is Cheyne Place, an eight-bedroom family home, nestled in the heart of Chelsea commanding a staggering £11,500 per night.

These are the 20 most expensive Airbnbs we found in the United Kingdom:

Key takeaways from our report:

  • England holds 14 of the 20 priciest Airbnb rentals, Scotland claims 5, while the remaining one is tucked away in Wales.
  • London leads with six properties within the top 20, followed by Gloucestershire, which secures two spots.
  • An eight-bedroom family home in Chelsea ranks as the most expensive Airbnb in the UK, charging £11,500 per night, whereas an 1840s gothic castle near the Brecon Beacons emerges as the “cheapest” option on the list (£4,777 per night).
  • Henry’s Townhouse in Marylebone, Central London, once the residence of English novelist Jane Austen’s brother Henry, stands out as the most extraordinary rental within the top 20, priced at £5,940 per night.
  • Interestingly, a 7-day holiday at the family home in Chelsea (£80,500/week) would cost the average Brit over two years’ worth of full-time earnings (£34,963/year).
  • The average monthly rental price in the UK as of February 2024 is £1,262, meaning a 7-night stay at Cheyne Place could cover more than five years’ worth of rent.

More information about the UK’s top 20 most expensive Airbnbs is available in the full report here. It also features a map, showcasing the priciest listings in 15 major urban areas nationwide.